Precognitive SEO

The founder of Veed commented on the Indie Hackers podcast about their various SEO techniques. One that stood out to me was to think about the process a user may go through before eventually having a need your site/product would be helpful.

In the case of Veed, which is a web-based video editing tool, they thought about how and why potential users would be creating videos that would eventually require editing. One example was taking a screencast. So they built some content and tools around creating screen casts and were able to capture traffic around this topic. The natural extension then is for these visitors to become Veed users to edit their screen casts.

I am sure this is not unique, and it is pretty logical once you think about it, but I can't say that I have ever thought about it in such simple terms. And one of the big challenges around producing good content is having ideas to write about. I believe most apps and tools would have a goldmine of ideas around this concept.

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